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Revere Labs.
India’s first blockchain based escrow service for Freelance Project Management Service.

Keep Track and Manage your projects effortlessly. All with the power of web3.

CustomSmart ContractsPeronalised smart contracts based on your choice, a tick here and a cross there and have your project trackers set up.
Validation NFTAfter the completion of the project we provide you with proof of work NFTs to help you by validating your talents the next time you look out for work
Connect With DAOSWe provide clients and freelancers a platform to connect to some the most widely supported developer DAOS
Features we provide.

So are they.




A design research lab working at the intersection of HCI and various disciplines. Our aim is to design, craft and evaluate interactive tools and experiences that augment human capabilities.

First Step

Freelancers or Clients come on board the platform and provides details of the project and if they want they can connect to DAOs

Second Step

Freelancers and Clients Decides on the checkpoints of the project and once they agree the contract is pushed

Third Step

Upon completion of each checkpoint both client and freelancer signs a checkpoint contract and the payment is disposed

Fourth Step

After Project completion both Freelancer and Client are provided with completion NFT for further validation

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